About Git Rev News

Git Rev News is a digest of all things Git, written collaboratively on GitHub by volunteers.

We aggregate and communicate some of the activities on the Git mailing list in a format that the wider tech community can follow and understand. In addition, we’ll link to some of the interesting Git-related articles, tools and projects we come across.


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You can find a listing of all previous editions on the Git Rev News Archive page.

The web page is autogenerated based on the files stored in the _posts directory. The basic mapping is edition https://git.github.io/rev_news/YYYY/MM/DD/edition-NN/ will be found in repo at https://github.com/git/git.github.io/blob/master/_posts/YYYY-MM-DD-edition-NN.markdown


You can contribute to the upcoming edition by sending pull requests or opening issues.

There is usually an issue opened for the upcoming edition. This issue should have near its top a link to a sometimes very rough draft of the upcoming edition. The draft for the next edition is usually here

Don’t hesitate to use the edit button that looks like a pen to edit this draft and to change whatever you want. When you are done, you should describe your changes a bit at the bottom of the page, and then a button will let you create a pull request with your changes.

We will be notified and we will openly review your changes. You will be notified and be able to take part in the process.


We created this news source with the following purpose:

Promote reviewers and helpers

The main goal of Git Rev News is to promote the work of people reviewing patches and doing user support on the Git mailing list.

Note that as there can be a lot of traffic on the Git mailing list and as people writing Git Rev News work on it on their free time, readers should not expect all the Git reviews and support to be covered.

Help people learn about Git development

By reading Git Rev News people can learn about Git development and become interested in participating in it.

Propagate misc Git news

A lot of interesting things around Git happen outside the Git mailing list and are worth propagating to show how vibrant the Git community and its ecosystem are.

Also Git developers might have some personal (like getting married, having a child, …) or professional (looking for a Git related job or freelance mission) information they want to share.


Why the name Git Rev News?

“Rev” can be understood both as an abbreviation of “revision” and as an abbreviation of “reviews”. It is probably better to have a name that is not too tied to a particular schedule or a particular kind of news.

Who writes and contributes to it?

A few editors usually write most of it, especially the parts about reviews and support. But everyone is welcome to contribute using pull requests.

The news letter is prepared on GitHub and published on git.github.io.