This is the idea page for Summer of Code 2021 for Git.

Please completely read the general application information page before reading the idea list below.

Summer of code main project ideas

Students: Please consider these ideas as starting points for generating proposals. We are also more than happy to receive proposals for other ideas related to Git. Make sure you have read the “Note about refactoring projects versus projects that implement new features” in the general application information page though.

Use ref-filter formats in git cat-file

git cat-file has options --batch[=<format>] and --batch-check[=<format>] that can take a <format>. It would be nice if the implementation of this <format> would use the as much as possible the same code and syntax as the ref-filter formats.

Git used to have an old problem of duplicated implementations of some logic. For example, Git had at least 4 different implementations to format command output for different commands. Our previous GSoC students and Outreachy interns unified some of the formating logic into ref-filter and got rid of similar logic in some command specific files.

Current task is to continue this work, especially Olga’s work (see and reuse ref-filter formatting logic in git cat-file.

Finish convert git submodule script to builtin

A few components of Git, like, are still in the form of shell scripts. This causes problems in production code – in particular on multiple platforms, e.g. Windows (think: POSIX-to-Windows path conversion issues).

The idea of this project is to dive into the Git source code and finish converting into portable and performant C code, making it a so-called “built-in”.

Shourya Shukla is the latest GSoC student to have been working on this.