Outreachy Round 17: September 2018

Git is participating in Round 17 of Outreachy, an internship program that gives people from under-represented groups the opportunity to work on Free and Open Source Software projects. You can find out more about the program, including eligibility, at its homepage.

This is the landing page for Git’s participation in Round 17 of Outreachy, which will run from December 2018 to March 2019. Applications must be received by October 23rd; the full schedule and application instructions are available at the Outreachy site.

If you’re considering applying for the internship, please look over the project list below, and get in touch with the community! Most communication happens via the mailing list, but you may also find people on IRC. Details for both can be found on our community page.

You can email mentors directly if you want to discuss a potential project, but we encourage cc-ing the mailing list so that the community can benefit from the discussion.



All the projects require good knowledge of Git and of the C and shell (Bash) languages and related tools (gdb, valgrind, make, gcc, terminal, …) It’s still possible to succeed without knowing all these tools well, but this makes the projects significantly harder and require interns to be ready and willing to ask for help soon about this and to learn fast.

Project Ideas

Note that this is just a list of suggested projects; we are happy to hear proposals for new projects. If you would like to propose an idea, please make sure to solicit feedback from the mailing list and mentors.

Improve git bisect

This consists in working on the following tasks:

Finish converting git bisect from shell to C

This is about finishing Pranit Bauva’s GSoC work on converting git bisect from shell to C.

See the status of the pb/bisect-helper-2 branch in Junio’s “What’s cooking in git.git” emails.

See also:

Fix how git bisect handle many merge bases

In some cases, git bisect may test too many merge bases, thus slowing down the bisection (making it closer to linear than logarithmic).


Convert interactive git add to C

The goal is to move toward an interactive git add fully in C by converting parts of the git-add–interactive.perl script into C.

Improve git log --oneline

See discussions in:

https://public-inbox.org/git/xmqqeg42fslw.fsf@gitster.mtv.corp.google.com/T/#t http://public-inbox.org/git/CA+55aFwT2HUBzZO8Gpt9tHoJtdRxv9oe3TDoSH5jcEOixRNBXg@mail.gmail.com/